Crypto investment analysis: Crypto market capital will reach $3 trillion by 2025, chart patterns stands positive

 “Chart patterns of Crypto analysis give a significant outlook that Crypto market cap. will going to reach all time high at $3 trillion by 2025”

Crypto investment analysis by Cryptocrit

Crypto market cap. now standing around $1.148 trillion and the capital of crypto industry has fallen below $2 trillion on April 2022. After that the rally of falling down continues and yet not recovered. Although some crypto experts are showing positive intent and believe that crypto market cap. will reclaim the previous level in next few month and touch the $2 trillion level. Very few of them are over confident that this rise will continue during the rally of 2025 and it might hit all time high recorded $3 trillion.

Recently a well known cryptocurrency expert in social platform, shared his analysis. As he could predict that predict that a huge range of recovery will shown by 2024 and Crypto market cap. will reach again on $2 trillion zone.


According to his chart patterns analysis if the Crypto market cap. increasing rally is going to take place then the next range would be $3 trillion by 2025, which will be recorded as a new all time high Crypto market cap. However the previous all time high record was $2.77 trillion was created on November 11,2021.

Also previously lot’s of experts have given statement that Crypto market cap. will reach $3 trillion in future. But still we haven’t seen anything like this. But experts believe that there have several major factors which could play vital roles to increase  crypto market cap. One of the factor that can play a big role in the future increase in the overall crypto market is the upcoming reduction of its representative asset, Bitcoin (BTC), which can deliver the flagship decentralized finance token (DeFi) towards a price target. $1 million, as some experts predicted.

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