Crypto analysis: Mathematical Magic Behind the Bold $1 Million Per BTC Forecast!

 BTC crypto analysis:

Cracking the Code: Bitcoin Expert Explains the Math Behind the Confident $1 Million Prediction for Each Bitcoin!

Samson mow BTC price prediction

Samson Mow, the current CEO of Pixelmatic, a distinguished development studio behind Infinite Fleet, and the CEO of JAN3, a pioneering Bitcoin technology company dedicated to expediting hyperbitcoinization. Renowned for his pivotal contributions to El Salvador's Bitcoin strategy and advancing the cause of nation-state Bitcoin adoption, Samson has emerged as a notable figure in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Recently he has shared this thought about BTC on X account, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) might shoot up really fast. He said, "Some people who like Bitcoin don't believe it can go from $50,000 to $1,000,000 in just a few days or weeks after more money from ETFs starts coming in. They're in for a nice surprise."

Mow explained his idea by looking at how Bitcoin grew in the past. He said, "In 2017, it took about 9 months for Bitcoin to go from $1,000 to $20,000. Back then, there was a lot more Bitcoin available, and big companies didn't invest in it like they do now. Going from $50,000 to $1,000,000 is 20 times the value."

Experts bold Crypto price prediction about BTC

Another person, Bit Paine, who studies Bitcoin, used math to support what Mow said. Paine talked about how fast the price of Bitcoin can go up. He said, "People who think Samson Mow is crazy for saying Bitcoin could be worth $1,000,000 forget how quickly Bitcoin's price can go up – and you need that kind of thinking for it to happen."

Paine's detailed look starts with how much Bitcoin is available. He estimates that about 136,000 Bitcoin will be made in the current time, and 656,000 Bitcoin in the next, making a total of around 792,000 Bitcoin.

Paine also thinks about old Bitcoin that might be sold. He guesses that 15-20% of the old Bitcoin available might be sold, like in the past. In the extreme case, if 20% of old Bitcoin gets sold in the next four years, that would be around 3.8 million Bitcoin.

To make Bitcoin worth $1,000,000 each, Paine says about $4.5 trillion needs to be put into it. He thinks two big sources for this money could be retirement savings in the U.S., which is about $35 trillion. If just 5% of that money goes to Bitcoin, it's $1.75 trillion. Another source could be U.S. companies, which have around $1 trillion in savings. If 10% of that goes to Bitcoin, it's another $100 billion.

Paine also mentions other things that could make Bitcoin worth $1,000,000. These include more countries using Bitcoin and changes in how new money is made, especially in the $150 trillion global bond market.

He also talks about fewer old Bitcoins being sold because current owners are holding onto them. He says, "Many people are holding onto their Bitcoin more than ever and believe it will become even more valuable." This could mean that instead of 20% of old Bitcoin being sold, it might only be 15% or even 10%.

Paine also thinks that if other types of cryptocurrencies become less popular, and more people invest in Bitcoin, it could make Bitcoin worth more. He says that even though Bitcoin didn't do as well in the last cycle, this time it might be different and cause a strong reaction in the market. Finally, he mentions new technologies like Taproot making Bitcoin more appealing.

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