Crypto investment: Top 3 Crypto investment for August

 " Three cryptocurrency have major limelight in August as they positioned themselves on great interest over investors and traders, also analyst shows green signal"

Crypto investment
Crypto investment analysis by Cryptocrit

Inqubeta (QUBE):

The emergence of InQubeta as a major player in the crypto space is nothing short of remarkable. At its core, this platform seeks to bridge the gap between promising AI startups and potential investors, creating a symbiotic environment that promises growth and development. What sets InQubeta apart is its flexible approach to investment. Using its QUBE token, the platform introduces minority ownership, a concept that could revolutionize the investment sector. This process not only makes investments profitable, but also empowers small investors, giving them part of the best startups in the world.

InQubeta's success in the NFT market adds another level to its appeal. By turning the tangible and the intangible into a retail store, he has created a digital environment where understanding and value coexist. Each transaction becomes a proof of ownership, setting a benchmark for other platforms. Another commendable aspect of InQubeta is its dedication to the rule of thumb. The introduction of its DAO system shows its commitment to putting decision-making power in the hands of its large and diverse community. This decentralization not only promotes transparency, but ensures that the management of the platform remains consistent with the best interests of its users.

Thanks to deflationary tokenomics and a promising future roadmap, the sale of QUBE was a huge success with over $2.1 million in revenue. Early investors are up to 60%, but there is still a lot of room for growth.

Chainlink (LINK):

Chainlink's consistent performance in the decentralized oracle space has enhanced its position as a reliable investment option. The token, LINK, is always at the center of investor discussions, because of its potential for significant returns. Chainlink's real advantage, however, lies in its unique offering: creating a secure, tamper-proof link between smart contracts and real-world data. As blockchain becomes an important part of various industries, the importance of Chainlink may grow.

Avalanche (AVAX):

A dramatic avalanche in the DeFi sector has received a lot of attention. Boasting a blockchain platform that combines robust performance with high security, it's no surprise that AVAX, its local brand, has seen a surge in demand. Key features such as reduced transaction times and seamless interactions with multiple blockchains position Avalanche as a frontrunner in the DeFi movement.


However early trend of all three altcoin was stand positive, Avalanche and Chainlink remain consistent of progress on investing platform. On the other hand Inqubeta creates history of high potential arises, also it creates a example  for highly motivated innovation. So in one word all of three altcoin can be created vast opportunity for the investors.

(N.B: Source of data analyticsinsight)

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