Crypto investment analysis: Will BTC drop to $12000?, investors perspective over Crypto market history

Michaël van de Poppe : I’ve seen many people suggesting that we’ll see Bitcoin drop to $12,000 and altcoins to have another capitulation. I don’t think we’ll have that and in this post I’ll explain why.”

Crypto investment analysis by Cryptocrit

As many people start suggesting on social media on other platform that BTC will drop to $12000 and altcoins to have another capitulation. The reason standing behind this believe, as altcoin investors are slowly losing faith on crypto market however the market is not moving at all. In fact, the market has been going down since May 2021 for many altcoins, which has been in a bear market for more than two years.

Several reason played vital roles behind this collapses, Government regulatory actions aimed at protecting investors have added to the uncertainty in the crypto ecosystem. The recent lawsuits and investigations against Binance by the SEC and DoJ have made investors cautious. The Influence of Historical Data on Sentiment Social media influence in the crypto community is greatly influenced by historical data. Many investors who entered the market during the 2021 bull run are now experiencing losses for the first time. Hence, they are preparing for further reduction of their portfolio.

Experts opinion on BTC future price forecast:

Crypto investment analysis
Crypto investment analysis by Cryptocrit   

Michaël van de Poppe a cryptocurrency expert recently clear his statement about this matter, he twitted on social platform “I’ve seen many people suggesting that we’ll see Bitcoin drop to $12,000 and altcoins to have another capitulation. I don’t think we’ll have that and in this post I’ll explain why.”

According to him history doesn’t repeat itself but every moment in time provides a new trade or investment opportunity including specific risks and rewards. He also talk about social sentiment and market collapse. He says: “To me, some confirmations are clearly provided. First of all, sentiment on social media is derived from past history. Most vocal accounts are people who have endured their first bear cycle and have stepped into the markets during 2021. For them, slowly losing their money feels extremely painful and they’ll only expect further continuation of their portfolio value. Why? Well, they’ve solely experienced that, and people predict their future based on historical data.”


To describe the current situation he use to refer the Wall St. cheat sheet model. Also carry out the previous example of May 2022 when BTC price was slowly crawling upwards form at $15000 to $25000 for a year straight high, resulting in the accumulation of a lifetime. Also big companies like Blackrock, Valkyrie and Invesco have taken advantage of this period to accumulate their positions.

By using the wall St. cheat sheet he tried to point out the current situation as second stage of capitulation. In this stage where investors feel like nothing is happening in the market at all and they should need to move towards to mother market rather than crypto. Then he tried to ensure investors to be patient and follow the fact of current markets to be accumulate their positions and make sure to understand the Wall St. Cheat sheet. The most important thing in this situation for the individual investors to follow the move of big institutions, because they know well what are the steps they should need to take in this accumulated phase.

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