Crypto analysis: BTC & ETH price forecast, as BTC is sustaining and alt coins survive

"Technical analysis cryptocurrency revealed that the investors and BTC holders who planned to own cryptocurrency for short term, all of them have sunk down into water."


Crypto analysis by Cryptocrit

Recently BTC and other alt coin have faced huge drop, BTC make crash around $2000 in some days difference. The investors and BTC holders who planned to own cryptocurrency for short term, all of them have sunk down into water. According to the market report around 90% of BTC investors have lost all of their money as the leading crypto market value fell over 10% to $26200 last week.

Technical analysis BTC :

Crypto analysis
BTC technical analysis by Cryptocrit

BTC last price fluctuation level was $25200-$26700. At the time of writing the price of BTC was $26459.75. Last 24 hr. price range was observed between $25796.23-$26589.83. Price change ratio observed  6.63 % to downside and 1.30% to upper side from the current price. Actually the price fluctuation ratio is indicates that within next few hours. Price could test the current resistance level $26800 and reach back to $26200-$26000 price, where the price level exist during the maximum time of day.

So for now, if we consider the market sentiment like pivotal technical indicators (RSI) and (MACD) we could predict that more bearish for short term momentum. So the resistance level could be marked as $26,800 and initial support would be $25600 level. If somehow bearish pattern could break this level than immediate push will test the next level $25200 and possible could test $24800 level. On the reverse case if BTC break resistance level $26800 than next barrier level is $27300.

But in the long term case, still market traders and investors have strong believe that BTC could surpass the $30,000 psychological level in a highly bullish run.

ETH technical analysis :

Crypto analysis
ETH technical analysis by Cryptocrit

Today ETH are trading at $1691 price (during the time of writing). The 24. Hr. price change is observed between $1628-$1702 zone. The upperside ratio is 0.74% and the downside ratio of current status is 0.11% . In this scenario shows 24 hr. ETH price was in the achievement momentum. But somehow RSI indicates that a pullback is on waiting. So in this case ETH price could test the current resistance level $1714 and price could crash back to $1640-$1600 zone. In this case ETH could test the basic support level $1627.

But there have little bit cautious that if the price of ETH could break $1813, then it will rush to next resistance level $1,891 or higher $1941 possibly it could break psychological level $2000. This ambitious could depend on several indicators and market sentiment.

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