Crypto analysis: BTC , ETH and XRP cryptocurrency forecast

BTC technical analysis:

BTC recently observed a huge drop from $29000 to $26000 level .At the time of writing the price of BTC was $26122. Last 24 hr. price range was observed between $26148-$25792.

Crypto analysis

After a huge drop, there have a possibility of bullish correction gain. During this time it’ll deeply examine the relative indicators such as Relative strenght index (RSI) and Moving average convergence divergence (MACD). The correction will gonna take place if the BTC price could stable between $26000-$26200 zone. For now the barrier of support is $25600 respectively and if BTC could break this resistance level then the next targeted support level will be $24700. On the other hand bullish correction gain possibly could make reach the price of BTC at the resistance $26800, $27200. If some how price could break this resistance level than it will reach $28000.

XRP technical analysis:

Crypto analysis

Members of the XRP community are closely following any move by the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) against Ripple. In the latest update, the court approved the administrator's request to file an interlocutory appeal. Ripple filed an appeal to the SEC's request on August 16. However, Judge Torres responded Thursday, allowing the SEC's filing.

XRP's sudden and dramatic pullback from last month's high saw it break south of its 2023 high. If it loses control of its 200DMA, then a return to the support level at the $0.45, $0.41, $0.35, and $0.30 levels is possible.


ETH technical analysis :

Crypto analysis

Today ETH are trading at $1664 price (during the time of writing). The 24. Hr. price change is observed between $1696-$1639 zone. Price change ratio on upper side shown 0.32% on the other side downside ratio is 0.25%. So for now ETH price fluctuation is standing on oscillates movement mode. Key support from now stands on $1540 and resistance level is $1800.

The technical long-term outlook for ETH stands, if the bullish breakout would occur, then the ETH price will flipped into a basic support level $1998/$2000. In this case the triangle pattern forecasts a 45% upswing from the supported level and could touch the landmark $2915. On the other side if the downside movement continues which was started on August 13, instead of 45% rally. Then the reverse case will happen as ETH could face 45% drop and revisit on $998 zone. But here the BTC factor plays vital role, if BTC breaches to upside movement then ETH price could quickly climb higher and possible to reach $2915.

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