Canadian crypto exchange platform stopped trading due to unauthorized access

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A Canadian cryptocurrency exchange called Cataclyx has stopped trading because of a security breach. 


Cataclyx has stopped trading because of a security breach. 

In a surprising event, a well-known Canadian cryptocurrency exchange called Cataclyx has made a big decision. They've stopped all trading and withdrawals because they suspect a security breach. Cataclyx is investigating the issue, and they think it might involve their own employees. This situation has led to the loss of some crypto assets that belonged to the people using Cataclyx.

This unexpected turn of events happened after a regulatory group called the Alberta Securities Commission told Cataclyx to stop trading. They're worried about how Cataclyx is doing things. The regulators are looking into whether one of Cataclyx's employees might have caused the security breach that led to the loss of part of the crypto assets held by Cataclyx for its users.

Cataclyx has officially said they suspect a security breach, and it might be because of one of their employees. Because of this, the Alberta Securities Commission has ordered Cataclyx to freeze its activities for 15 days. The CEO of Cataclyx, Jae Ho Lee, agreed to this freeze, and it will last until January 5.

Because of this unexpected problem, Cataclyx has had to stop people from taking out their crypto and regular money from the platform. They've also stopped all trading for now. If you visit Cataclyx's website, you'll see a warning saying there are "technical issues," and they promise to let users know when everything is back to normal.

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To deal with this crisis, Cataclyx has hired a well-known financial auditing company called Deloitte LLP. Deloitte will investigate the security breach and why it happened. Cataclyx has promised to keep its users updated on what Deloitte finds.

The co-founder of Cataclyx, Jae Ho Lee, started the exchange in Calgary in 2018. Cataclyx followed the rules by registering with FINTRAC, which is Canada's national financial intelligence agency. Before this issue, Cataclyx was doing well, with a trading volume of $28 million in May 2021.

While this is happening with Cataclyx, the whole world of cryptocurrencies is facing challenges. A recent analysis estimates that the decentralized finance industry could lose about $1.95 billion by 2023. Ethereum, which is a popular blockchain platform, has had problems too, with 170 breaches leading to losses of almost $1.35 billion.

The issues at Cataclyx are causing concerns in the cryptocurrency market. People are worried about the safety of exchanges. The fact that regulators are looking into Cataclyx and that a reputable auditing firm like Deloitte is involved shows how serious the situation is. It highlights the need for strong security measures in the cryptocurrency world.

For everyone to understand what's going on and how serious it is, Cataclyx's response and the investigation by Deloitte are important. The results of Deloitte's investigation and how Cataclyx tries to fix the problem will shape how cryptocurrency exchanges work in the future. This situation emphasizes how crucial it is to have security and transparency to protect digital assets.

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