Crypto Price Prediction: Analysts eyeing $3,000 as the next milestone for Ethereum (ETH)

Crypto analysis:

"Get Ready for Soaring Profits, Ethereum's Price Aims for $3,000 in the Next Surge!"


Crypto analysis by Cryptocrit

Ethereum (ETH) didn't change much in the last day. It went as high as $2,079.07 and as low as $2,044.92. Right now, it's at $2,078.51, which is 2.00% less than yesterday.

People traded $40.57 billion worth of ETH in the past day. This is a big drop, almost 44%, compared to the day before.

Looking at how ETH behaved in the last day, it was pretty calm. The price didn't swing a lot, and not many people were trading. This might mean that investors are being careful and want more information before they decide what to do next.


Crypto price prediction (ETH):

Crypto price prediction by Cryptocrit

From a blockchain point of view, people who own ETH and are putting their coins in long-term storage this week are important for the rise in Ethereum's price on Thursday. As this continues and more people are buy, the price of Ethereum could go beyond $2,500 soon.

Looking at the technical analysis indicators for each day, it also supports the idea that the price will go up. As of November 9, the price of Ethereum was $1,920. The Ethereum Exponential Moving Average (EMA-30) is $1,773, and the Simple Moving Average (SMA-20) is $1,729.

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Crypto analysis by Cryptocrit

Both the EMA-30 and SMA-30 are below the current Ethereum price, showing that in the short term, people are positive about Ethereum. But if the positive momentum continues, Ethereum might face a challenge around $2,450. If it breaks through that level, the price could go even higher, maybe reaching around $3,000 in 2023.

On the other hand, if the negative trend takes over, and ETH can't stay above $1,670, it might face a drop. Even though it's not very likely because the amount of Ethereum available is going down, a bigger drop below $1,670 could lead to a further decrease, maybe reaching $1,500.

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