Crypto investment analysis: APE coin & BTC is in great trouble!

 APE coin:

Crypto investment

If we talk about today crypto investment then Apecoin is considered as one of the worst performing assets in crypto market. However lots of investors, traders & market experts suggest this long-term bearish movement might be the some signal for future recovery which will going to take place in high scale. For now Ape coin has lost it’s trustworthy among through the investors and traders.

ApeCoin price recently reached $1.78 but managed to show recovery in the next two days. However, in the last 24 hours, the digital asset has wiped out most of this session, with APE falling more than 10% on the daily chart to trade at $1.80 at the time of writing.

Technical analysis:

However our technical team could predict that Ape coin struggle will continue rest of the time in the current year (2023). Historical chart shows some positive interest on investment as if we could give notice on previous chart pattern the huge recovery of APE was taken place at Nov. 2022 and make some blast bullish trend and reach all time high price range. But it’s not stable for the long time then again a pullback have started and it’s crossed all time low recently $1.78 and started little bit of recovery. But this time we don’t think that this recovery will going to take place like previous one. As our market pattern analysis Ape could recover to 2.50 zone by 2024.


The exchange rate of Bitcoin (BTC) fell for a short period of time, following a weak market, perhaps due to the lack of power or the right incentives. With low margins, opportunities to make money have dwindled even for patient investors.

Crypto investment

Technical analysis :

Today BTC price is trading at $29173 . Last 24 hr. price range was observed between $29057-$29480. Price change ratio observed  3.07 % to downside and 1.16% to upper side from the base price. Actually the price fluctuation ratio is not showing the real scenario of downward and upward. It’s make straight drop from the high top to bottom as $29480 to $29057 it means actual downside ratio is 4.23% and make recover to 1.16%. Which means BTC is standing on high volatility mode for running week.

So for now, if we consider the market sentiment like pivotal technical indicators (RSI) and (MACD) we could predict that more bearish is on the upcoming momentum. So the resistance level could be marked as $29,250 and initial support would be $29000 level. If somehow bearish pattern could break this level than immediate push will test the next level $28,750 level. On the reverse case if BTC break resistance level $29250 than next barrier level is $29400. For the short term investors it’s a suggest to make sell BTC/USD if price could reach again $29400 zone.

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