Crypto price prediction: BTC could surpass $130000, market gossip !!!

"Many market analysts and industry experts predict a bullish situation for Bitcoin, predicting that its price will exceed the $1,700,000 mark by 2025."


Today BtC price is trading at $29300 . Last 24 hr. price range was observed between $29187-$29537. Price change ration observed 1.13 % to downside and 2.27% to upper side.
Still the price range are unable to break the resistance level $30000. But it seems look like 
BTC price could stay above $30000, as Cathie Wood statement  which was published earlier and might going to take place during August. Also there have lot's of interesting facts which are giving BTC price some momentum to create talk of the town situation, such like market gossip.


Recently a report was published by Standard Chartered and was predicted that Bitcoin has the potential to break $120,000 in 2024, indicating that miners will sell less Bitcoin to pay for expenses in the upcoming network shutdown program scheduled for April and then next. 

The British International Bank has raised its bitcoin price forecast from $100,000 which was previously forecasted in April. Standard Chartered said at the time that bitcoin could reach this level due to several factors, one of which is the crisis in the banking sector.

"We now think this estimate is too conservative, and we therefore see upside to our end-2024 target," the report said.

Bitcoin, often referred to as digital gold, continues to shape the perception and acceptance of cryptocurrencies. He is not only a pioneer of the crypto space, but also acts as a barometer of the overall health of the industry. With a projected value of over $130,000 by 2025, this provides a cohesive perspective on the crypto market, promoting the promise and potential of cryptocurrencies.

 “The rationale here is that as well as maintaining the bitcoin ledger, miners play a key role in determining net supply of newly mined BTC,” wrote Geoff Kendrick, head of FX and digital assets research.

The underlying factors that support this price assessment include growing industry interest in Bitcoin, technological advancements in blockchain, and increasing regulatory compliance. This price increase will create more favorable conditions for the broader crypto market to flourish, creating a beneficial effect on the ecosystem.

Cryptocrit technical observation and overview:

As we all know that, the all time high price of BTC was $68,789.63, which was taken place arround two years earlier Nov 10 2021 than the present time. It means that to reach on $130000 level, BTC not only needs to cross the highest level of prie range which it was allocated but also make up the double also allocation of the existing amount. Right now at the certain level it’s quite tought to predict the verdict about this range of crazy bullish trading. Most importantly all of us need to remember that the forecast is not a financial advice. But some traders belive that this sort of price growth estimates also emerge from other predictive models. If you could believe BlackRock’s Bold Bitcoin Strategy then it’s possible.

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