Top 7 New Cryptos To Invest right now!!!

Top 7 new Crypto to invest, including some meme coins which have got global investors attention

Here, you will find several cryptos with relatively low market capitalization that seem to have considerable growth potential. Coins such as Wall Street Memes ($WSM), Thug Life ($THUG), Chimpzee ($CHMPZ), yPredict ($YPRED), Launchpad ($LPX), DeeLance ($DLANCE), and Ecoterra ($ECOTERRA) have got global investor attention.

Wall street memes ($WSM):

new Crypto to invest

Wall Street Memes are known as tokenization of the retail movement against Wall Street’s orchestrated monopoly of financial markets. $WSM is an ERC-20 token on the ETH blockchain with a maximum supply of 2,000,000,000 (2 billion). As one of the biggest communities in crypto market with some of the highest social engagement, the $WSM token aims to legitimize loyal supporters of the movement.

Thug life:

Thug Life ($THUG), the latest entrant to the meme coin niche, is making waves through its recently-launched presale phase.

This hip-hop-themed crypto has raised a huge $275,000 in less than one week, showcasing the project’s growing popularity.


Chimpzee ($CHMPZ):

The mission of Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is to make the world a better place. Recreation, income generation and environmental protection are combined in this ecosystem. As a crypto company Chimpzy sets an example to promote charitable activities. Chimpzy lets you earn passive income while helping causes like wildlife conservation and climate change. Profits and token supply will go to organizations fighting these issues.

By the end of the year, the token should be worth $0.0030 after the pre-sale. Features of Chimpzy include a shop, NFT marketplace, and the Zero Tolerance game. Chimp’s presale raised $671K in a short time.


yPredict ($YPRED):

new Crypto to invest

yPredict represents a new well-organized crypto research ecosystem with the main goal of providing traders with the essential insights needed to succeed in the market.

yPredict ($YPRED), developed on the Polygon network, offers a variety of tools to enable traders to trade and sell more information. These apps feature AI-powered business models and automated charting features, helping customers gain valuable insights and improve their decision-making processes in the dynamic business world.

Launchpad ($LPX):

Launchpad XYZ is a crypto presale token, which means it allows crypto enthusiasts to invest at discounted prices before the LPX and DEX and CEX tokens are listed publicly.

The Launchpad XYZ pre-sale is currently ongoing and the project has passed the milestone $1 million in funding, and investors are getting $LPX tokens at a price point.

Aiming to drive widespread adoption, their goal is to deliver an efficient comprehensive solution that prioritizes simplicity and improves the overall user experience. Grab this incredible opportunity to scale your business efforts like never before with Launchpad XYZ!


DeeLance ($DLANCE):

new Crypto to invest

DeeLance is a blockchain-based platform that aims to promote the gig economy. DeeLance is completely transparent and also powered by the Ethereum blockchain, meaning that customers and freelancers can interact directly with each other, making the process cheaper.

The platform also uses smart contract escrow to allow freelancers to trade their services as NFTs, taking a new approach to owning content. The DeeLance presale has already attracted more than $1.5 million in funding.

Ecoterra ($ECOTERRA):

new Crypto to invest

Ecoterra is another altcoin that might have the possibility to explode in the coming days, primarily because of its focus on sustainability and positive environmental impacts.

Utilizing blockchain technology ecoterra is committed to step up circular economy processes by providing a recycled materials marketplace and creating a platform for incentivizing individuals to recycle. This not only helps to increase recycling rates, but it also provides a unique opportunity for people to earn rewards while making a positive impact on the environment. ecoterra is also able to provide a transparent and secure way of tracking emissions and carbon credits, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change through our carbon offset marketplace.

All these impressive features have enabled the project to raise more than $5.6 million in its presale phase.


But the final thing is to remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly speculative and can be influenced by various factors such as market sentiment, technological advancements, regulatory changes, and investor behavior. It's important to stay informed, exercise caution, and make informed decisions based on your own financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

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