Crypto investment: Why Cryptocurrency makes sudden up & down???

Sudden Price Jump on Crypto investment:

GTO  has shown sudden jump up $0.04 to $1.96 with in 24 hour almost 2550%.


Gifto Token (GTO) is an ERC20 token of the Gifto standard and the main currency enabling transactions on the platform. Platform Users can use GTO Tokens to purchase and redeem Virtual Gifts, and Users can earn GTO Tokens by completing various tasks on the Platform.


Gifto was founded by Asia Innovative Group (AIG), a mobile entertainment group serving who has more than 100,000,000,000 users worldwide. To make Gifto an excellent service for users, AIG has spared no effort and contributed resources and extensive experience in the development, promotion and management of Gifto's values ​​and brands.

Gifto has launched a business crypto wallet that manages all transactions of Gifto such as creating a wallet in Ethereum and transferring, exchanging and exchanging tokens. The wallet is designed so that users who are new to the concept of cryptocurrency can manage, transfer or trade GTO tokens through content platforms without facing any problem.

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Gift token (GTO) sudden jump up:

Yesterday, this token was trading below $0.04 each at its low. So, at its current price of $1.60 per token (with 1 billion tokens in circulation), this project went from a market capitalization of around $30 million to $1.6 billion in a few hours. Gifto is billed as a web3 donation platform, aiming to be a place for blockchain-based donations.



This project added new features, pushing what he calls his "mega-distribution plan" including various staking and charity initiatives, as well as providing a Web3 wallet in the marketplace for content creators who turn they are not fungible tokens inside. (NFT) and other forms of digital art within the GFT brand.

Apparently, the project recently saw a token change, from the previous GTO token to its new GFT token, in mid-January. This exchange brought GFT to Binance Smart Chain, improving its two systems and making it a service that many investors (obviously) want a part of.

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What is the reason behind sudden jump on Crypto investment:

According to the market news recently Gifto has seen a token swap but according to the experts that might not be the clear reason of exactly why this token has shown a sudden jump up today. Some of the trading sites might thought that the behavior of sudden jump of token is particularly confusing to make decision. Some of them narrate also it might be the flat nature of the crypto market today. 

As a result, the larger movements seen by various small-cap tokens (which Gifto can't manage) outweigh the declines in megacap tokens. In a way, it seems that most of the lightning strikes seen in the stock market are falling on other asset classes like crypto. For other scary details, this is a good one.


Final words:

Now if you could ask me a straight question that “Should I invest $1000 over it?” .The simple answer would be this token is not listed on the top favourite list by traders as New Crypto investment 2023. To hold on this type of token is high riskly any time it can make sudden drop.




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